Business tycoons in and of pakistan history essay

Profit margin for both the companies have shown a downward trend because of increase in the prices of byproducts used in the textile industry i.

Business tycoons in and of pakistan history essay

Corruption cases against a leading business tycoon and an owner of commercial bank in Pakistan are heaping up day by day but the pending investigations against the influential banker of putting these inquiries to logical conclusion are either hampered by the investigators of going slow by the concerned those matters in the cases or by media management via in-laws.

Mr Jehangir Siddiqui and his family own a number of companies and do his business in stock exchange but not in fair and transparent way. Most of his business deals are shaky and maneuvered with the conveyance of officials concerned with it.

A number of corruption cases against Mr Jehangir Siddiqui and his family are deliberately kept pending for long a while to give relief to the accused. This deliberate pending of cases against the business tycoon on the behalf of investigating agencies that include FIA and NAB and the regulator that is SECP and PSL is clear indication that the blue eyed businessmen is away from the shackles of law and enjoying all the joys of life despite being a culprits in the eyes of law of the land.

The inquiry had been due since a long time, as this case is of paramount importance due to the nature of the corruption involved in it. The sessions court of Karachi South had also issued orders against all the accused in this case on April 17, The said shares were sold as a part of an arrangement wherein the majority shareholders had agreed to sell their shares in the company and hand over the company to its new acquirer.

JS Group is well known for its expertise in price manipulation and wash trade. As par the report of the Auditor General of Pakistan a loss of Rs. There is sufficient evidence showing banking trail between Ali Jahangir Siddiqui son of Jahangir Siddiqui and Munaf Ibrahim, a very close associate of Jahangir Siddiqui.

He writes opinions on different national and international issues including foreign relations, conflict zones, and war on terror: Connect him at zamirasadi gmail. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the Levant News.The creation of Pakistan was catalyst to the largest demographic movement in recorded history.

Nearly seventeen million people-Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs-are reported to have moved in both directions between India and the two wings of Pakistan (the eastern wing is now Bangladesh). Following is an analysis of the textile industry of Pakistan.


Contribution to Gdp: Contribution to Employment: Industry Growth: while seriously hindering growth of the textile tycoons. This has led to textile owners accusing the government and banks for maintaining detrimental policies.

Business tycoons in and of pakistan history essay

Business Essay Writing Service Free Essays . Pakistan, since its day of inception, has faced several challenges to establish a true democratic system, which could guarantee its survival, stability and development.


Unfortunately, the plant of democracy has not taken its roots deep enough to make the country, “a durable democratic state”. The struggle for Pakistan was a unique historical experience with few parallels in the annals of history. Toggle navigation Home; Institutions. Institutions in Pakistan; personal fiefdom of political leaders, scions o f inter-related families of landlords, pirs, nawabs, industrialists, business tycoons and generals.

Business tycoons in and of pakistan history essay

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