Contoh slideshow powerpoint terbaik

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Contoh slideshow powerpoint terbaik

In this lesson, you will learn how to use Slide Master view to make changes to every slide in your presentation. You will also learn how to modify individual slide layouts, create new layouts, and save custom layouts.

Slide Master view You may have noticed that when you select a different theme in PowerPoint, it rearranges the text on your slides and adds shapes to the background.

This is because each theme has built-in slide layouts and background graphics. You can edit these layouts with a feature called Slide Master view. Once you learn how to use Slide Master view, you'll be able to customize your entire slide show with a few clicks. You can download this example for extra practice.

What is Slide Master view? Slide Master view is a special feature in PowerPoint that allows you to quickly modify the slides and slide layouts in your presentation.

From here, you can edit the slide master, which will affect every slide in the presentation. You can also modify individual slide layouts, which will change any slides using these layouts.

Let's say you find a theme you like but don't like the slide layouts. You could use Slide Master view to customize the layouts exactly the way you want.

In Slide Master view, the Slide Master tab will appear first on the Ribbon, but you'll still be able to access commands on different tabs as normal.

Slide Master view Using Slide Master view Whether you're making significant changes to your slides or just a few small tweaks, Slide Master view can help you create a consistent and professional presentation without a lot of effort. You can use Slide Master view to change just about anything in your presentation, but here are some of its most common uses: Slide Master view makes it easy to customize the background for all of your slides at the same time.

For example, you could add a watermark or logo to every slide in your presentation or modify the background graphics of an existing PowerPoint theme.

If you find that you often rearrange the placeholders on each slide, you can save time by rearranging them in Slide Master view instead. When you adjust one of the layouts in Slide Master view, all of the slides with that layout will change.

contoh slideshow powerpoint terbaik

Rather than change the text color on every slide individually, you can use the slide master to change the text color on all slides at once. Creating unique slide layouts: If you want to create a presentation that looks different from regular PowerPoint themes, you could use Slide Master view to create your own layouts.

Custom layouts can include your own background graphics, placeholders, and more. Some overall presentation changes, such as customizing the theme fonts and theme colors, can be made quickly from the Design tab.

Review our lesson on Modifying Themes to learn more. To make changes to all slides: If you want to change something on all slides of your presentation, you can edit the slide master. In our example, we'll add a logo to every slide.

Select the View tab, then click the Slide Master command. In the left navigation pane, scroll up and select the first slide. This is the slide master. Selecting the slide master Use the desired tabs on the Ribbon to make changes to the slide master.

In our example, we'll insert a picture in the upper-left corner of the slide. Inserting a picture Move, resize, or delete other slide objects as needed. In our example, we'll resize the title placeholder to fit below our newly inserted logo. Closing Slide Master view The change will appear on all slides of the presentation.

The changes applied to all slides in the presentation When you make a change to the slide master, it's a good idea to review your presentation to see how it affects each slide.

You may find that some of your slides don't look exactly right. On the next page, we'll show you how to fix this by customizing individual slide layouts.This is a good useful resource also for Advertising Free PowerPoint Timeline Diagrams for your business presentation. What you will have is a further engaged target market, and the go with the go with the flow of information is clean and site is UPDATED EVERY DAY with new Powerpoint Templates.

presentationObj = Presentation(presentationPath) creates a presentation at the specified location. presentationObj = Presentation(presentationPath,templatePath) creates a presentation using the PowerPoint template at the specified location.

The type of file created by using this syntax depends on the extensions used by the both arguments. Moyea Powerpoint tools knowledge centre offers various free PowerPoint templates for download. When you make a presentation to your business, the first thing you want to do is set up your PowerPoint slideshow, choosing PPT and preparing for your speech.

Artikel ini membahas contoh slide presentasi powerpoint yang baik dan menarik. Timelines; Favorites by app Event timeline diagram slide (widescreen) PowerPoint. Timeline SmartArt diagram slide (white on dark gray, widescreen) PowerPoint.

Timeline slide (blue horizontal chevrons, widescreen) PowerPoint. Project planning timeline Word. month timeline Word. Strateic Perencanaan PowerPoint adalah dengan fakta salah satu template PowerPoint paling dicari, jika Anda mencari untuk perencanaan strategis PowerPoint template maka template ini adalah salah satu pilihan terbaik.

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