Darren shan biography

The Saga of Darren Shan From Wikiquote Jump to navigation Jump to search The Saga of Darren Shan is a young adult 12 part book series written by Darren Shan about a normal human boy who is coerced by the vampire Larten Crepsley into becoming his assistant and a half-vampire and the subsequent struggles he faces. Cirque Du Freak [ edit ] This is a true story.

Darren shan biography

The Saga of Darren Shan in the United States is a young adult part book series written by Darren Shan pen name of Darren O'Shaughnessy about the struggle of a boy who has become involved in the world of vampires.

Darren shan biography

As of Octoberthe book has been published in 33 countries around the world, in 30 different languages. Blackstone Audio has also released CD recordings of all 12 books in the series, read by Ralph Lister.

Background Darren Shan, whose real name is Darren O'Shaughnessy, wrote and published the first book of the series, Cirque du Freakas a side project between two adult books.

Cirque du Freak received good reviews and Warner Bros. Plot outline The Saga of Darren Shan follows the story of Darren Shan, a normal human boy who is coerced by the vampire Larten Crepsley into becoming his assistant and a half-vampire.

In the first trilogy, known as Vampire Blood or The Vampire's Assistant, Darren learns about and comes to accept his vampirism. In the first book, Cirque du Freak also known as Cirque du Freak: A Living NightmareMr. Crepsley makes Darren a half-vampire in return for saving the life of one of Darren's best friends called Steve Leonard.

In the second book, The Vampire's AssistantCrepsley notes that Darren is quite lonely and brings him back to the freak show, where he befriends a snake-boy, Evra Von, and a human, Sam Grest. In the third book, Tunnels of BloodCrepsley brings Darren Shan and Evra Von to his hometown, where one of the vampires' enemies, a Vampaneze named Murlough, is murdering innocent people.

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In the second trilogy, known as Vampire RitesDarren learns about the vampire clan and Darren shan biography their acceptance. In the fourth book, Vampire MountainMr. Crepsley and Darren make their ascent up Vampire Mountain and learn about the rites of the vampires.

In the fifth book, Trials of DeathDarren faces the Trials of Initiation, nicknamed Trials of Death, to gain the recognition of other vampires as one of the youngest vampires to be recruited in decades.

In the sixth book, The Vampire PrinceDarren finds out about a traitor among them and tries to stop plans to destroy the vampire clan. He himself becomes a Vampire Prince, in this book. In the third trilogy, known as Vampire WarDarren learns he may have a larger role to play in the fate of the vampires and of the world than he had ever thought.

In the seventh book, Hunters of the Duskthe hunt for the Lord of the Vampaneze, who is destined to destroy the vampire clan, begins.

In the eighth book, Allies of the NightDarren meets some of his past friends who now fit into his quest. In the fourth trilogy, known as Vampire DestinyDarren is forced to make some difficult decisions, finally taking his destiny into his own hands and dealing with the consequences.

In the tenth book, The Lake of SoulsDarren travels to an unfamiliar land to find out who his best friend, Harkat Mulds, used to be; as a "Little Person", Harkat's mind sans memories was placed into a new body after his death.

In the eleventh book, Lord of the ShadowsDarren finds out more about the Lord of the Shadows and gets closer to his last confrontation with the Lord of the Vampaneze. In the twelfth book, Sons of DestinyDarren faces the Lord of the Vampaneze for a final fight, and learns the truth about his parentage.

Main characters Elements Darren Shan's vampires The vampires in The Darren Shan Saga are different from the standard vampires found in popular culture. They are truly alive, can be killed by a well-placed bullet, as well as decapitation or piercing of the heart, and are not inherently evil.

Vampires do not drink from the neck, but cut a vein of a victim, drinking small amounts of blood, and then healing it with their saliva. Draining all of a human's blood would have a vampire part of the spirit of the human, allowing the vampire to see into their memories Darren does this in The Vampire's Assistant, to save the spirit of his dying friend.

Vampires do not have fangs, but instead use their hard, sharp nails to cut into their prey. These nails can also be used to scale walls in a spider-like manner.

Vampires do not combust when exposed to sunlight, but it will burn them easily and exposure for four to five hours will kill them. They can, however, remain active during the day provided they remain in the shade and are not bothered by garlic, silver, or holy objects such as crosses and holy water.

Fresh human blood is the most nutritious for vampires, but they can feed on preserved human blood or the blood of certain animals when necessary.

Darren shan biography

Some animals' blood, however, is toxic to vampires. Vampires cannot reproduce; further vampires are created by blood-to-blood contact with humans, traditionally through the fingertips, but if any creature, human or animal, were to orally ingest vampire blood, it would be driven into a murderous frenzy and then die similar to rabies.

Vampires are not immortal either; they age at one-tenth the human rate half-vampires at one-fifth.Steve Leopard Leonard is the main antagonist in the fantasy film Cirque Du Freak The Vampire's assistant. He was Darren Shan's former best friend and the Lord of the Vampaneze.

He is portrayed by Josh Hutcherson. The Demonata is a series by best selling author Darren Shan. It deals with the world of demons (as opposed to his other series, The Saga of Darren Shan which deals with vampires).

The series is told by three different protagonists: Grubbs Grady, Kernel Fleck, and Bec, the latter of which is the. Updated world stock indexes.

Get an overview of major world indexes, current values and stock market data. Darren Shan is the main character in Shan's The Saga of Darren Shan young adult fiction series, also known as the Cirque Du Freak series. He followed that up with The Demonata series and the stand-alone books, Koyasan and The Thin Executioner.

Early life

Biography Darren Shan's real name is Darren O'Shaughnessy (pronounced O-Shock-Nessy, though it can also be pronounced O-Shawn-Essy or O-Shan-essy). Although he is Irish, he was born in in London. He moved to Limerick in Ireland with his parents and younger brother when he was six, and has lived there ever since.

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