How to write a lesson rationale

We have a poem a week and I laminate the poem they are on sentence strips and used in my pocket chart. I give the students a copy each Monday morning of that weeks poem. They put it into their poetry spiral notebook. Throughout the week, they do different things with their poem

How to write a lesson rationale

Bob Kizlik Updated January 9, Civilization is built on several fundamental principles, but perhaps one of the least understood or valued is that of accountability.

Lesson 1: History of storytelling

In this age of widespread democracy, accountability is taken to mean a variety of things, and is a major focus of recent education reform efforts being made at national and state levels. One constant in any system of accountability is that to be meaningful, it requires measureable results based on agreed-upon goals and objectives.

Well-stated, clear objectives are fundamental to all professional teaching and measures taken to hold teachers accountable for what their students learn. It also means, in my opinion, that the employers of teachers are also accountable for providing the necessary professional resources to the teachers for them to carry out their professional instructional duties.

Anything short of that is simply dishonest. The information on this section of the site is updated as conditions warrant. First of all, I invite you at this point to check out my program entitled "Catalyst: Tools for Effective Teaching 2.

It also includes modules on lesson planning, classroom management, teaching methods, and much more.

how to write a lesson rationale

Please see more information at: That said, objectives that are used in education, whether they are called learning objectives, behavioral objectives, instructional objectives, or performance objectives are terms that refer to descriptions of observable student behavior or performance that are used to make inferences about learning - certainly the ultimate aim of all teaching.

At some point, almost every teacher, especially new teachers and teacher education students, must learn to write these types of objectives. Here, such objectives are referred to as learning objectives. Acquiring this skill is something of a rite of passage in the process of becoming a teacher, yet it is a skill that requires practice, feedback, and experience.

Over the past 30 years or so, the emphasis on, and attention paid to learning objectives has waxed and waned as different ideas change about how best to express instructional intent.

To clarify a bit, I have included a rationale for developing and using learning objectives that meet demanding behavioral criteria.

how to write a lesson rationale

It provides in-depth information that you might find helpful. Any skill is learned more effectively if the learner understands the reason for learning and practicing it. Developing this skill in relation composing learning objectives is no exception.


Learning objectives are about curriculumnot instruction. They are concerned with ends, and not necessarily means. This is a key point. Many tend to confuse learning objectives with objectives a teacher may have that relate to student conduct or behavior in a classroom.Lesson Rationale 1) Strategic Functions: Explore – The students’ will be in the forest ecosystem at Fenner trying to find different types of seeds by exploring their surroundings.

Also the students will bring the seeds back and write what tree it came from. Materials Needed: 1) Fenner Nature Center 2) School Bus.

American English is a website for teachers and learners of English as a foreign language abroad. 4 • On your worksheet, when there is one minute left, write down which muscles you feel you worked the most.

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Flexibility • Flexibility is the range of motion around a joint. Login / My Account Logout: Natural Inquirer Lesson Plans Use these lesson plans in conjunction with any Natural Inquirer publications.. Lesson Plan for using Natural Inquirer articles in a High School classroom. Lesson Plan.

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Graphic Organizer 2. Jim McGrath and Anthony Coles - Your Teacher Training Handbook Example Rationale and Lesson Plan. Please note: No lesson plan or rationale is perfect. This example is very good. I will also provide all learners’ with a handout so that they can write on additional notes to support the taught lesson.

3. In a lesson plan, the rationale states the main learning goal for students. It is an essential part of constructivist lesson plans. In addition to stating the rationale for the lesson plan, teachers must also outline the lesson objectives.

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