Masculinity and femininity essay

Heying Male lions can be monsters, murderous and focused. Toxic, if you will. Given the opportunity, male lions will kill the kittens in a pride over which they have gained control.

Masculinity and femininity essay

You can visit his blog at RooshV. Testosterone levels in men are declining worldwide alongside sperm counts. The hormone that makes men men is disappearing from the human world. As a result, men are becoming more feminine and choosing the paths of weakness, homosexuality, and cuckoldry.

Cultural programming alone cannot explain why Western men are becoming so womanly and fragile. His mind accepts more feminine ideas because he is more feminine.

Masculinity and femininity essay

Whether or not you accept my proposition that a man with a low testosterone level is more likely to be receptive to liberal ideas, the facts bear out that testosterone levels are declining every year alternate link.

The downward trend was seen in both the population and in individuals over time. The decline is consistent with other long-term trends in male reproductive health, including decreases in sperm quality and increases in testicular cancer, hypospadias and cryptorchidism.

The strongest association was observed in same-aged men from different sampling years. For example, a year-old in had lower testosterone levels than a year-old in Sperm counts are dropping The decrease is testosterone is coinciding with a decrease in sperm concentration.

Among a sample of 26 partners of totally infertile women undergoing an assisted reproductive technology ART procedures in the whole of France over a year period, there was a continuous decrease in semen concentration of about 1. Another study points to a worldwide decline. InCarlsen et al. InSwan et al.

This reanalysis confirmed Carlsen et al. Testosterone is declining, sperm counts are decliningmen are becoming infertileand if a walk through my home town of Washington D. Sperm counts are getting so bad that the anti-testosterone globalists at the World Health Organization have already lowered the normal standard.

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Imagine the news headline on that story. Handelsman and his team, however, found that serum blood testosterone levels did not decline with increasing age in older men who reported being in excellent health with no symptoms to complain of.

Most of the current science points to endocrine disrupting agents. They lurk inside your house, leaching from human products such as personal hygiene products, chemical cleansers, or contraceptive drugs.

They also end up in your food and drinking water, causing you to unknowingly ingest them.

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According to EurekAlert, 3 EDCs have been entering rivers and other waterways through sewage systems for years, altering the biology of male fish.

It was also found that fish species affected by EDCs had 76 percent reduction in their reproductive function.Hotness-amplifying femininity puts on a full display, advertising fertility and urgent sexuality.

It invites male attention by, for instance, revealing flesh, or by painting on signals of sexual receptivity. Essay Disaster hits village! Three years ago something terrible happened in my hometown.

Masculinity and femininity essay

It all begun one evening when I was sitting and watching on the local TV station. They interrupted the tv program I was watching, with an extra weather forecast. They said that there was a hurricane coming our way. They told us that we had to stay . Throughout history and across culture, definitions of masculinity and femininity have varied dramatically, leading researchers to argue that gender, and specifically gender roles, are .

Choose a popular children’s book. Describe the kinds of masculinity and femininity that are depicted. Critically analyse these depictions. That is, say what the problems are with these depictions, what limits they place on what it means to be male or female, and the consequences of these depictions for people’s opportunities in life.

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The Roles of Masculinity and Femininity in Macbeth Essay. Bradley Allcock English Essay 2 A prominent and permeating theme in Macbeth is the roles and characteristics of masculinity and femininity - The Roles of Masculinity and Femininity in Macbeth Essay introduction.

Throughout the play Shakespeare presents the audience with strong and sometimes conflicting views of these gender roles.

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