Overseas expansion

American missionaries and sugar planters were in Hawaii in the s, a generation before the California Gold Rush or Mormon Trek to Utah.

Overseas expansion

Spain relinquished all claim of sovereignty over Cubabut did not cede it to the United States, so it became a protectorate. Cuba became an independent nation inand the Philippines became an independent nation in This era also saw the first scattered protests against American imperialism.

Cameron Addis, Ph.D.

Noted Americans such as Mark Twain spoke out forcefully against these ventures. During this same period the American people Overseas expansion to strongly chastise the European powers for their imperialism. The anti-imperialist press would often draw parallels between the U.

Overseas expansion the Teller Amendment Congress had already decided against annexation. Cuba gained formal independence on 20 May Under the new Cuban constitution, however, the U. The naval base occupies land which the United States leased from Cuba in " Inthe Truman Administration allowed for a democratic referendum in Puerto Rico to determine whether Puerto Ricans desired to draft their own local constitution without affecting the unincorporated territory status with the U.

Congress, approved by President Truman on July 3 of that year, and proclaimed by Gov. Puerto Rico adopted the name of Estado Libre Asociado literally translated as "Free Associated State"officially translated into English as Commonwealthfor its body politic.

After World War II showed the strategic value of the island, construction of a huge military base began along with a large influx of people from other parts of the world.

Guam today has a very mixed population ofThe rest of the population consists mostly of white Americans and Filipinoswith smaller groups of ChineseJapaneseKoreansMicronesiansVietnamese and Indians. Guam today is almost totally Americanized.

On June 12, Philippine revolutionaries declared independence and establishment of the First Philippine Republic. The treaty transferred control of the Philippines from Spain to the United States.

This agreement was not recognized by the Philippine revolutionaries, who declared war against the United States on June 2, InEmilio Aguinaldopresident of the Malolos Republicwas captured and pledged his allegiance to the American government.

Scattered fighting continued, however, until The Philippine Organic Act of provided for the establishment of a bicameral legislature composed of an upper house consisting of the Philippine Commissionan appointed body with both American and Filipino members. The Philippines became a U.

English joined Spanish as an official language, and English language education was made compulsory. Inthe United States passed the Philippine Autonomy Act and committed itself to granting independence to the Philippines "as soon as a stable government can be established therein.3 Overseas Expansion McKinley-Roosevelt Campaign Poster Showing That Expansion During the Spanish-American War Created Jobs in Industry & Farming One interesting thing about America’s 19th-century Pacific expansion is that it happened during, and even before, its .

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Companies are expanding overseas as a market expansion strategy, as a way to combat the sluggishness of the U.S.

economy over the last several years.

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Jun 20,  · PayPal Holdings Inc. aims to gain more users in what it calls “underpenetrated” markets such as Mexico, Brazil, China and India, in part, by forming local partnerships. American Expansion Overseas Imperialism.

Imperialism: the policy of establishing colonies and building empires for economic gain, national prestige, and religious or missionary purposes. European powers of the 's and 's (Great Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Portugal) long ago started building their colonies.

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Overseas expansion
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