Pen pal writing activity for 2nd

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Pen pal writing activity for 2nd

Young learners are so full of energy that most activities you propose are met with loads of enthusiasm. Adult learners are focused on meeting their language goals and have a wealth of skills and knowledge to contribute to the class.

However, things are not as simple with teens.

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Most are very clever and insightful kids, but this is not exactly the most talkative age group. Have you ever felt frustrated by their lack of interest?

Here are some strategies that should get your teens a bit more motivated. Will they be more interested in what President Obama did last week, or which outrageous outfit Lady Gaga wore to an awards show? Give them a little friendly competition Little kids like to compete, and teens are no different.

Whether they play sports or games on the Wii, they always try to out best each other. Why not introduce some friendly competition into the ESL classroom? Games are easy ways to do this, but you can also have them compete in any activity.

Tell them that whoever finishes a written exercise first or has the most correct answers, gets to choose a video to watch or a song to listen to in class. Cater to their skills and exploit their talents Most teens are talented at one thing or another.

Take your time to get to know them and discover what these talents are. Students who are artistically-inclined may draw pictures, sketches or cartoons of a story you read out loud to the class. Do you have a student who plays the guitar?

Ask him or her to bring it to class and play a song while the class sings the lyrics in English. Use pen pals to motivate writing If your students are not enthused about writing assignments, give them pen pals to write to. At ESL Teachers Boardor any other message board for ESL teachers, you can post a request for pen pals for your students, and find another teacher with whom you can trade email addresses.

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Writing to pen pals is a great introduction to what they may have to master later in life: Make reading age appropriate To get students excited about a reading assignment, make sure you choose material that will pique their interest. Naturally, books or stories about teens are sure to work, but you can also include celebrity biographiesanything sports-related, or any topic that may interest them, but is also up to their reading level.

Play songs to improve listening comprehension If you play any of the audio that typically comes with course materials, your teens will most likely tune out and not hear a word. The best way to motivate them to listen is by playing songs.

But you should also choose songs they like, or can relate to. This worksheet for Photograph by Nickelback provides a great warm up exercise and a post-listening activity. Listen to So Sick by Ne-Yo and ask your students to complete the tasks set forth in this worksheet.

Have video lessons Videos have great potential in the ESL class. Thanks to recent advances in technology, we no longer need to have a TV and DVD player in the classroom to teach a video lesson.

A laptop will do for a small class, and a speedy Internet connection is great, but not entirely necessary, as you can have video files already downloaded to your computer.

pen pal writing activity for 2nd

To keep teens focused on the task, choose short interviews, movie trailers, music videos, or how to videos on YouTube.

Integrate technology into the classroom In the previous point, we mention how easy it is to show videos on a laptop, but you can integrate technology in so many other ways.

Most teens have excellent Web surfing skills, so why not assign them a WebQuest? A WebQuest is an online, inquiry-based activity where students are required to search for specific information within links provided by the teacher, and then produce a report or a PowerPoint presentation.

Henry and Mudge - Mrs. Volak's Second Grade

Play games ESL games motivate any learner whether they are 5 or 50 years old. A guessing game or any type of quiz show game should get them motivated. Try this Passive Voice Quiz Gameor design your own with similar categories.

The 6 Clues Guessing Game will have your students competing to see who guesses right with the least amount of clues. Need another example of a great game to practice grammar?

Download the Wh- Questions Game Use realia in the classroom The use of real life objects is also a great way to motivate students of all ages.

But it is particularly effective with teens who are already lacking in enthusiasm. Choose places that teens frequently visit like malls, concert venues, or sports stadiums. Use anything from real city maps to brochures of these locations to practice giving directions.A step by step presentation to help your pupils write a simple letter in French.

Success criteria for the task included. Page numbers refer to Expo 1 Module 1, but the activity could be used with other textbooks as long as adjectival agreement has been taught. 6 Easy Tips to Improve Pencil Grasp While your child is writing her letter this week, observe how she grasps a writing utensil.

If your child struggles with holding a pencil efficiently, there are lots of easy little tricks we OTs like to use to promote stronger, more effective grasp patterns on writing utensils. Developing Writing Writing Skills Practice Book for EFL Patricia Wilcox Peterson Originally published in , Washington, DC Second printing published in This reprint published in Office of English Language Programs United States Department of State “Pen Pals: Roberto Writes a Letter” ..

25 I. Mechanics: A. Noun. I don’t mind writing practice letters, but it She said we are going to write to second graders in England to see what life is like in England. That sounds so cool! I couldn’t wait to get started.

Mrs. Snow handed out the names of our pen pals, and asked us to use what we learned about friendly letters to write to our pen pal. My pen pal. This pen-pal writing set is perfect for kids ages of both genders. You will find writing pages with a lot of prompts for the kids. You will also find pages that are set up for more advance letter-writers or perfect for kids that need help to copy words.

General Writing Sample Task 1 #38 You are writing your first letter to a pen pal. Describe your previous studies and work experience, your current activities, hobbies and interests.

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