Review related literature in laundry service

Luke Osborn works as an eye doctor specializing in retinal surgery for the new Eye Institute.

Review related literature in laundry service

Classical literature Ancient times The origins of Korean literature can be traced back to an Old Stone Age art form that combined dance, music, and literature. Originating in festival activities, this art form served the political function of unifying society, the religious function of identifying and describing a supernatural power capable of averting calamity on earth, and the economic function of inspiring productive activity, especially that related to agriculture.

The farming and work songs and the early forms of myth and narrative poetry that had their basis in the abundant harvests of the New Stone Age were probably transmitted orally; it is difficult to find examples that have survived intact. During the Bronze Age the foundation myths and early epics of the Korean people first coalesced.

All these legends praise the achievements of their protagonists, who are exalted as nation-founding heroes who have overcome hardship, and glorify their heavenly powers as earthly rulers.

For the most part, these legends were passed down in the form of festival ceremonial observances focused on the worship of heaven.

Also important in early Korean literature were songs, the earliest of which reflected a historical period in which much was changing. The Three Kingdoms period and unification: This state-sanctioned use of Chinese, along with the adoption of Confucianism and Buddhismmeant a significant transition in the history of Korean literature.

They represented an attempt to consolidate the political structures of these kingdoms. Together they helped to usher Korean literature, which had previously relied on oral transmission, into an age of both oral and written literature. Confucianism and Buddhism contributed to the thematic depth of Korean literature.

After the unification of the Three Kingdoms in under the Unified Silla dynastyKorean literature in Chinese underwent a fundamental development in which a group of literati played several roles. Asserting the significance of Confucianism and literature, they instituted a social class of literati leaders.

Review related literature in laundry service

He was renowned for his poetry and his prose. In their depiction of human protagonists, these tales differ from older legends, which instead recount the heroic struggles and accomplishments of mythical figures.

But these legends, like those of the Three Kingdoms period, differ from ancient ones in their incorporation of human protagonists. Kim Pu-Shik strove to write in the classical mode and took as his model the Confucian canon.

In the area of legend, several notable works were produced.

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This group was integral to the emergence and proliferation of literary criticism during this period. These songs were sung at court. The sijo, consisting of three lines, followed a lyrical path and spoke of human nature and natural beauty.

This was the epochal development in the history of Korean literature. At first these works performed the functions of the akchang, but gradually they were transformed into poems that described affairs of personal interest.

Literature in Chinese evolved in two directions: During this period a new movement emerged that aimed to produce poetry about the customs and contemporary realities on the Korean peninsula. This movement was reflected in the writings in Chinese of those groups—government functionaries, petty clerks, village residents—collectively known as the wihangin.

Great changes took place in how literature was viewed. Sijo continued to be composed by scholar-bureaucrats. Quite a few of his works take up the theme of love—a rarity in the poetry of scholar-bureaucrats. Yi Se-Bo, a member of the royal family who wrote some sijo, wrote on varied subjects and themes, including matters of government.

Professional singers who were among the wihangin formed singing groups, developed principles for composing sijo, and produced sijo collections. These collections also included new works by contemporary authors and, overall, contributed greatly to the elevation of the sijo form.

Kasa, for its part, became more complex and diverse. Kyubang kasa also appeared; this genre, written by anonymous women, treats a variety of matters, such as family etiquette, the instruction of children, and the loves and sorrows of family life.

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