Writing a letter to persuade head teacher speech

Seneca's Epistles Volume I Source: Translated by Richard M. The Loeb Classical Library.

Writing a letter to persuade head teacher speech

Destroy this temple, and in three days I will build it up again ; let him be anathema. If any one says that the man who was formed of the Virgin is the Only-begotten, who was born from the bosom of the Fatherbefore the morning star was Psalm If any one says that the form of a servant should, for its own sake, that is, in reference to its own nature, be reverenced, and that it is the ruler of all things, and not rather, that [merely] on account of its connection with the holy and in itself universally-ruling nature of the Only-begotten, it is to be reverenced; let him be anathema.

writing a letter to persuade head teacher speech

If anyone says that the form of a servant is of like nature with the Holy Ghostand not rather that it owes its union with the Word which has existed since the conception, to his mediation, by which it works miraculous healings among menand possesses the power of expelling demons ; let him be anathema.

If any one maintains that the Word, who is from the beginning, has become the high priest and apostle of our confession, and has offered himself for us, and does not rather say that it is the work of Emmanuel to be an apostle; and if any one in such a manner divides the sacrifice between him who united [the Word] and him who was united [the manhood] referring it to a common sonship, that is, not giving to God that which is God's, and to man that which is man's; let him be anathema.

If, then, any one maintains that God the Logos has in a carnal manner, in his substance, become flesh, and persists in this with reference to the Lord Christ; who himself after his resurrection said to his disciplesHandle me and see; for a spirit has not flesh and bones, as you behold me having Luke If any one, in confessing the sufferings of the flesh, ascribes these also to the Word of God as to the flesh in which he appeared, and thus does not distinguish the dignity of the natures; let him be anathema.

Extracts from the Acts Continued [No action is recorded in the Acts as having been taken. A verbal report was made by certain who had seen Nestorius during the past three days, that they were hopeless of any repentance on his part. On the motion of Flavian, bishop of Philippi, a number of passages from the Fathers were read; and after that some selections from the writings of Nestorius.

writing a letter to persuade head teacher speech

A letter from Capreolus, Archbishop of Carthagewas next read, excusing his absence; after the reading of the letter, which makes no direct reference to Nestorius whatever, but prays the Synod to see to it that no novelties be tolerated, the Acts proceed.

As this letter of the most reverend and pious Capreolus, bishop of Carthagewhich has been read, contains a most lucid expression of opinion, let it be inserted in the Acts.

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For it wishes that the ancient dogmas of the faith should be confirmed, and that novelties, absurdly conceived and impiously brought forth, should be reprobated and proscribed. All the bishops at the same time cried out: It seems almost certain that something has dropped out here, most probably the whole discussion of Cyril's XII.

As, in addition to other things, the impious Nestorius has not obeyed our citation, and did not receive the holy bishops who were sent by us to him, we were compelled to examine his ungodly doctrines. We discovered that he had held and published impious doctrines in his letters and treatises, as well as in discourses which he delivered in this city, and which have been testified to.

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Session II Extracts from the Acts The most pious and God-beloved bishopsArcadius and Projectus, as also the most beloved-of-God Philip, a presbyter and legate of the Apostolic Seethen entered and took their seats.

Philip the presbyter and legate of the Apostolic See said: We bless the holy and adorable Trinity that our lowliness has been deemed worthy to attend your holy Synod.

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Arcadius, a bishop and legate of the Roman Church said: Projectus, a bishop and legate of the Roman Church said, May it please, etc. Cyril, the bishop of Alexandria said: And after it was read in Latin, Juvenal, the bishop of Jerusalem said: Let the writings of the most holy and blessed bishop of great Rome which have just been read, be entered on the minutes.

And all the most reverend bishops prayed that the letter might be translated and read. Philip, the presbyter of the Apostolic See and Legate said: The custom has been sufficiently complied with, that the writings of the Apostolic See should first be read in Latin.

But now since your holiness has demanded that they be read in Greek also, it is necessary that your holiness's desire should be satisfied; We have taken care that this be done, and that the Latin be turned into Greek. Give order therefore that it be received and read in your holy hearing.

Arcadius and Projectus, bishops and legates said, As your blessedness ordered that the writings which we brought should be brought to the knowledge of all, for of our holy brethren bishops there are not a few who do not understand Latin, therefore the letter has been translated into Greek and if you so command let it be read.

Flavian, the bishop of Philippi said: Let the translation of the letter of the most holy and beloved of Godbishop of the Roman Church be received and read.

Peter, the presbyter of Alexandria and primicerius of the notaries read as follows: A Synod of priests gives witness to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. A persuasive letter A persuasive business letter is one filled to the brim with wit and guile. It uses the creative writing skill of the writer, to frame words in such a way that the offer made by the writer to the reader seem irresistible. Writing a Research Paper - Writing an introduction + Body paragraphs and integrating sources + Writing a conclusion + LINKS (kaja-net.com) Writing research papers - Writing Tutorials - Interactive exercises Exercise 1: Introduction to writing a research paper (Demo).

For true is that which we read, since the Truth cannot lie, to wit, the promise of the Gospel ; Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. And since this is so, if the Holy Spirit is not absent from so small a number how much more may we believe he is present when so great a multitude of holy ones are assembled together!

Every council is holy on account of a peculiar veneration which is its due; for in every such council the reverence which should be paid to that most famous council of the Apostles of which we read is to be had regard to.Obviously, it is easier to write a short clear sentence than a long clear one.

One sentence that I (and I think most people) would agree is clear is the opening of Albert Camus’s novel The Stranger: “Mother died today.”. A more recent translation by Matthew Ward begins “Maman died today.”. Below is a list of more than words that speakers and writers of English often confuse.


They are called false cognates because they sound or are written so similarly that they are often confused. Even if you are an excellent writer, you should read through this list; otherwise, how will you know if you are confusing any words?

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1. Write a speech to be given at the next school governors meeting to try and persuade them to abolish school uniform. 2. Write a letter to your local paper persuading local residents to vote against the destruction of woodland for the building of new homes.

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Get started now! LETTERS OF CATHERINE BENINCASA. ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA AS SEEN IN HER LETTERS. I. The letters of Catherine Benincasa, commonly known as St. Catherine of Siena, have become an Italian classic; yet perhaps the first thing in them to strike a reader is their unliterary character.

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